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Essay On ‘Is It Easy to Tell Others Not to Worry, But Less Easy to Take Such Advice Yourself’?

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Question: Essay On ‘Is It Easy to Tell Others Not to Worry, But Less Easy to Take Such Advice Yourself’? How Far Have You Found This to Be True from Your Own Experiences?

Answer: As far as I can recall. I find that the above saying is invariably true. It is easy to utter “don’t worry” to someone in trouble, but when I am the one fading a problem, I cannot stop worrying.

I shall always remember the first time I was whisked off to see the dentist. was just a little kid at the time. The white-uniformed nurse suddenly appeared from nowhere while- we were doing P.E. and started examining our teeth. we picked out and put into a white van together- with a few other classmates. We were then driven to the government dental clinic where our teeth were drilled and filled. Although the incident happened long ago I can still recall every anxious moment waiting in the van and outside the dentist’s office before my turn finally came.

When it conies to examinations, I worry a great deal too. I worry about little things like how many pens should take into tile examination hail, what sort of chair will be sitting on, my identity card and my pencil sharpener. always felt that all my pens might run dry or my identity card would go missing, but my worries were always for nothing. No great calamity had ever befallen me in the examination hall. StiII I worry. When I see my friends fidgeting about outside the hall. I am the one who gives wonderful advice. I am able to console and calm them down quite effectively, but as for myself, I Clo on worrying and fidgeting. cannot follow my own advice.

The first time I had to sit for an oral examination. I was all tensed up. a day before the actual examination. Understandably my friends were also worried about how they should behave in front of the examiners. They were planning strategies and techniques. I acted nonchalant, as though I was confident about the whole matter. I even gave them some important hints and told them to quit worrying. They were thankful for my suggestions and I suppose that I gave them an impression of calm and steadiness, but inside me, I knew better. My mind was in turmoil. All through the night before the examination day, my thoughts were fixed on the examination I felt as though a tape recorder inside my head was playing my plans and strategy over and over again. I did not sleep well that night. My dreams were filled with monstrous examiners and failed examinations. Such was my anxiety.

Again my worries were for nothing. Everything went smoothly and I sailed through the whole thing without a hitch. I began to wonder about the folly of worrying and the waste of time and energy that it causes. I told myself not to worry anymore, that it was not beneficial in any way. It took me a great effort, but I managed to out down on worrying. Whatever the future brings we have no guarantee nor certainty. only know that when the future becomes present, many surprises occur and most of them are pleasant. Even the had things are tolerable. So there is no point worrying

Soon it will be time again for our examinations. My classmates are all hard at work preparing for the occasion. The examination fever has caught on Sweaty brows and haggard faces become common again. It is time for me to begin working too. I tell my friends that the examinations are not worth worrying about. I tell myself the same things too, but yet at the back of my mind, I wonder how well I will do in the examinations. To wonder is not the same as to worry. or is it?

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