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Essay on Some Very Useful Minerals

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[Hints: Introduction, Salt; Iron; Petroleum; Coal; Conclusion.]

Introduction: Minerals are substances that they are dug out from mine under the soil or earth. Some of them are very useful to us. Of all the minerals salt, iron, petroleum, and coal are top of the list. We use them in many ways every day. We cannot do even a day without these mineral things.

Iron: Iron is a very hard metal. It is black in color. It looks bright when used. Iron is put to many uses. Many things of daily use made of iron. It is also used in making weapons. Had there been no iron it would not have been possible to make such a progress in agriculture and commerce. Iron is even used in medicine. So, iron is very useful to us.

Salt: Salt is a hard substance. It is white in color. It is very useful to us. We mix it in a measured quantity with all our things of food. No food or curry, however, rich in other respects is worth eating if salt is not mixed in it. But too much salt spoils the taste of food.

Petroleum: Petroleum is a mineral oil of great use. It generates power. It has made the flying of the airplane, the driving of motor cars and the running of many other engines possible. Kerosene is a by-product of petroleum. It is used for domestic purposes. But petrol has one drawback that it easily catches fire. It is then likely to turn into a quick flame, burning everything in the neighborhood.

Coal: Cola also a very useful mineral. It is hard but breakable. It is used as fuel in cooking our food. Steam engines, mills, and factories go with the help of it. From coal, we get gas. It is used for lighting houses and streets. Tar, dyes, medicines, scents etc. are also made from coal.

Conclusion: We have plenty of mineral resources in our country. But they hardly can be required because of lack ness of proper scientific instruments and want of experienced manpower. Yet we think we shall be able to victory all kinds of mineral resources in near future.

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