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Essay on Safeguarding Property

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Everybody has some sort of property or possession. I suppose that nobody like to lose any of his property either through carelessness or by theft. So all of us do have some measures taken for safeguarding our prized possessions, however, the complex of these measures will depend on how much value we put onto our possessions.

There are some people who simply stuff their money into whichever pocket that is convenient. These people are obviously not very much concerned about their money. Yet there are others who carefully put every note and coin into intricate wallets. The withdrawal of a single note becomes another long involved process where much pain is taken as not to disrupt the harmoniously arranged state of the other notes. These tedious people certainly care very much for their money. I can safely bet that they take as much care of their other possessions. They probably have neat homes with neatly arranged furniture.

These two kinds of directly opposing attitudes towards property are evident in everyday life. In one small farm that I have seen, the fence around it is built like a fortress wall, while the farm just next to it is not fenced at all. It just goes to show how two different people have completely different values as to the safeguarding of their property.

In recent years, the ‘fortress-wall” attitude has become predominant. Around almost every establishment, we see 8efoot high fences erected to prevent intruders. At every one of the gates is stationed armed guards who seemed to have forgotten how to smile. It is quite a hassle trying to get into one of these places. Either one must have some “authorization” or else one must be prepared to argue and plead. More often one just avoids such places. Even police stations are infected with this disease. Paranoia seems to be at an all-time high.

It has often been said that we have to pay a price for progress. What is this price that we have to pay? I can see that we have to pay more than one price. We have to pay prices.

One such price is increased security. Almost every goldsmith or bank has security guards serving them. Security service is now a booming business. Nevertheless, armed robberies are frequent, if not increasing. The rate of criminal activities seemed to have kept pace with the rate of development. We- lock our doors and chain our gates but the robberies and thefts never abate. The richer the person, the tighter the security needed. I remember that once paid a visit to a rich friend. On arriving at his house I was faced with a huge gate with the sign “Beware of Dog” prominently displayed. To call him I had to press a button at the gate, presumably to ring a bell, in response two vicious Dobermans appeared and snarled at me through the gate. My friend had to spend a few minutes tying these dogs up before could get into his house. After that incident, I never visit my friend unless absolutely necessary. It is just too much trouble, for him and for me.

Stiff we have to face the fact that our properties need safeguarding in view of the ever-present threat of robbery or theft. The steps we take to protect our properties have become so much a part of our lives and they are virtually habits now. We lock our drawers, doors, cars, and offices automatically after we have used them. We do not carry excessive cash and like concerned citizens put all our variables in the banks. Most of us take a few risks that can result in loss of property. The attachment we have for our possessions is strong. To lose something of value is not a pleasant experience.

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