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Essay on Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban (Bangladesh National Parliament)

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Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban is the National Assembly Building of Bangladesh, located in the capital Dhaka. It was created by architect Louis I. Kahn and is one of the largest legislative complexes in the world. It houses all parliamentary activities of Bangladesh.

Although entrance to the Bhaban, the Main Building, is limited to authorized members of Parliament and staff, the Jatiyo Sangshad complex is open to visitors. On the North of the complex, across Lake Road, is Crescent Lake and Zia Uddin (also called Chondrima Uddin). The two complexes together form a major attraction for tourists in Dhaka. The complexes are popular among joggers and skaters of Dhaka. The official Prime Minister’s Residence is on the North West corner of the Mirpur Road and Lake Road crossing and is a five-minute walk from the Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban. The area is one of the higher security zones of Dhaka. The Complex can be accessed using any of the four roads surrounding it, however, Manik Mia Avenue and Lake Road are the easiest approaches.

The Bhaban consists of nine individual blocks: the eight peripheral blocks rise to a height of 110′ while the central octagonal block rises to a height of 155′. All nine blocks include different groups of functional spaces and have different levels, inter-linked horizontally and vertically by corridors, lifts, stairs, light courts, and circular areas. The entire structure is designed to blend into one single, non-differentiable unit, that appears from the exterior to be a single story.

The main committee rooms are located at level two in one of the peripheral blocks. All parliamentary functionaries, including Ministers and chairpersons of some of the Standing Committees, have offices in the Bhaban. The Parliament Secretariat also occupies offices in the same building.

There have been nine national elections in Bangladesh. The first and second Parliaments used the Old Shangshad Bhaban, which currently serves as the Prime Minister’s Office.

Construction of the Jatiya Shangshad Bhaban began in 1961 by the Government of Pakistan as a permanent building for the federal legislature of both West and East Pakistan. However, it was the eighth (and last) session of the second parliament of Bangladesh that first used it on 15 February 1982 after its construction was completed on 28 January of the same year. The Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban has been in operation and has acted as the sole complex used by the National Assembly ever since.

Jatiya Shangshad was designed by Louis Kahn. First, Muzharul Islam was given to design Jatiya Shangshad Bhaban by the government. But, Islam brought his teacher Louis Kahn into the project to do significant work for the future generation. But, Muzharul Islam assisted Kahn at the project.

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