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Essay on Bangladesh Jatiya Party

The Jatiya Party (Ershad) is a political party in Bangladesh. It is a faction of the original Jatiya Party, which was founded by the military dictator Hussain Mohammad Ershad. Currently, the Jatiya Party (Ershad) is the third-largest party in Parliament; with 27 seats out of 300 available; and got a 7% share of the vote at the 2008 general election.

Bangladesh Jatiya Party is a political party in Bangladesh. It is a splinter-group of the original Jatiya Party, that was founded by the military dictator Hossain Mohammad Ershad. It was previously known as Jatiya Party, after the late party chairman Naziur Rahman Manjur. The party is registered with the Election Commission of Bangladesh as Bangladesh Jatiya Party-BJP, in order to differentiate it from the splinter-group Bangladesh Jatiya Party led by M.A. Matin. The party, at present, is chaired by Barrister Aandaleeve Rahman Partho MP – son of late Naziur Rahman Manjur. Andaleeve along with his younger brother Ashikur Rahman contested in the 9th parliamentary elections from Bhola-1 and Bhola-2. Bangladesh Jatiya Party-BJP is currently the third-largest party in the BNP-led Four Party Alliance.

Bangladesh Jatiya party represented by its secretary-general Anwar Hossain Manju impugned an order dated 23.2.2000 passed by respondent No.2 awarding the symbol “Langol” to jatiya party faction headed by Mr. H.M. Ershad for all by-election for the present parliament referral to the representation of the people’s order, 1972 and rule of the conduct of election rule, 1972 being the existing legal provisions for allocation of the symbol in the parliament elections.

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