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Essay on A Village Fair

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It was the last day of pous. The harvests were over: the granaries were full; the season of joy was brought to a close by a large fair in an open field in our village.

A village fair needs no advertisement. Everyone knows when it is going to be held and where. The object is to buy and to sell and to have a good holiday. The artisans, the weavers, the farmers would come with their goods. They would display their skill and craftsmanship. They welcome a fair. It is not only profit but also pride that makes them come to the village fair.

Preparations begin more than a fortnight before the festival. The ground is cleared. Bamboo posts with thatched roofs are put up in rows. Between the rows, there is a wide space for the people to come and go. Each stall is nicely decorated. The shops are arranged according to articles sold. There is one row of agricultural goods and tools; in another row agricultural and horticultural produce, vegetables and flower plants and saplings. These are some of the giant size, other of curious shape. The row which displays hand-loom products is always crowded. Handicrafts attract most people. There are various other departments, there is one of livestock – cattle and sheep and goats.

A part of the field is kept apart for amusements. There are merry-go-rounds and tumbling boxes; children sit in chairs and are swung round and round or up and down, laughing and shouting all the time. In a huge Stage, cinema films, theatres, magic shows and folk songs follow one another night after night, for all the days that a fair lasts.

A fair is held chiefly for trade. The amusements make business pleasant. But it has also an educational side. We learn much from it. We learn where things are made and what economic progress there has been in the locality and we meet and mix with a variety of people, all this is a good lesson for us.

I visit this fair every year with my parents. I like it very much. It is very pleasant and interesting. There are government blocks which display different kinds of pictures. They teach us rules of health and how things are done. I also take part in the amusements. I like it more and more every year.

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