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Short Paragraph on A Rainy Day

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  1. What is a rainy day?
  2. What happens to a passerby on a rainy day?
  3. Who suffers badly on a rainy day?
  4. How does a rich man enjoy a rainy day?
  5. Who welcomes the rainy day most and why?
  6. How do the cattle and birds suffer on a rainy day?

Answer: a rainy day is a set day. The day looks gloomy. The sky remains overcast with clouds. The sun is seldom found. It rains cats and dogs all day long. Roads go underwater. A passer-by has to pass along a muddy and slippery road. He walks along with shoes in hands and cloth folded up almost to the knees. A day laborer suffers most on a rainy day. He cannot go out for his daily work. He sits on the rain-soaked floor under the leaky roofs. A rich man welcomes a rainy day. He enjoys the day staying indoors. He sits quietly by the window and listens to the music of the rain-fall. Poets feel thrilled in their hearts. A rainy day is most welcome to school children. They have a day’s holiday to enjoy. Cattle keep standing with-their heads bending low. Birds get wet and keep sitting on the branches of the trees. Children come out in the rain and make-merriments. A rainy day’s evening seems to set in by day.


A Rainy Day

Question: write a paragraph about “A Rainy Day”.

Answer: a rainy day is a day when all the moment it rains heavily or in torrents. During this time, the sky is gloomy and is covered with clouds. On a rainy day, it rains tremendously. Sometimes it happens very destructively. The cattle may be washed away. Our properties may be destroyed. The land may go underwater. All the crops may be washed away. The plants and trees may be uprooted. On a rainy day, the poor suffer more than the rich. The suffering from the poor knows no bounds. So’ a rainy day is not expected to all kinds of people.


A Rainy Day

A day of heavy rain is a rainy day. A rainy day is not a happy day for all kinds of people. It is a curse for a poor man. He cannot go out of doors to attend to his duty. So they suffer most, after all, none can go us without an umbrella. The roads become muddy and slippery. In villages, people walk along with shoes in their hands. The cattle cannot graze. Children bathe in the rainwater. Students fail to go to school, college, and universities. Some people like the poor idle away their time in gossiping and some sleep for some time. A rainy day is most welcome to students as they easily enjoy a holiday.


Paragraph on A Rainy Day

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Rainy Day’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What is a rainy day?
  2. What can’t men see on a rainy day?
  3. How is the sight on a rainy day?
  4. What can’t the poor people do?
  5. What do the students do?

Answer: Raindrops all day on a rainy day. It occurs during the rainy season. It is dull and gloomy. The sky remains cloudy. The sun is hardly seen. Sometimes, the sky seems to be falling down. It rains cats and dogs. Rivers, ponds, and canals become full to the brim. Village roads go underwater. They become muddy and slippery. People fear to get out. They sometimes fall on the street. A rainy day gives a cold to many ones. On a rainy day, poor people suffer a lot. They have to stay at home. Many of them remain hungry. Cattle are to stay in their sheds. On the contrary, a rich man enjoys a rainy day. They take a special type of food. They watch T.V. and listen to music. School children also like the day. They stay at home and enjoy gossiping. So, a rainy day is both enjoyable and clumsy.

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