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Paragraph on The Annual Sports Day of Our School

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  1. When did the annual sports of your school hold?
  2. What items were included in the sports?
  3. What was the most interesting item?
  4. Who presided over the ceremony?
  5. How did you feel about the ceremony?

Answer: the annual sports of our school were held yesterday at the school playground in a sunny sky. It was attended by a crowd of spectators and it went on almost from the sun to sun. there were as many as twelve sporting events, such as flat race, relay race, hurdle race, spoon race, high jump, long jump, pole vault, discus throw, javelin throw, throwing the cricket ball etc. in each of these events, there were a good many participants. All the events were very interesting. But the most interesting of all was the tug of war between the students and the teachers. The principal of the local college presided over the function. He gave away the prizes and made a brief but neat speech befitting the occasion. All those who were present had a jolly day with a lot of fun. The sports of the school came to an end with a vote of thanks to the chair.

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