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Paragraph on Celebration

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Celebration is a matter of amusement. It refers to a special event that people organize in order to observe something. To express joy and happiness people arrange functions and celebrations. To commemorate an event, people want to observe any special day. Sometimes celebration is held to observe the overcoming sorrow. We can here remember the accident of Mrs. Siddique Murshed. She fell down and hurt herself badly while she was passing near the college pond and became senseless. With the help of Anwar and Kashem, her daughter Mrs. Rehana Salam took her to the hospital and after a week she recovered from her illness. She was lucky and thankful to those young people who acted very responsibly. Then she thought that she would invite those young people and their parents for thanking them. Rina and her mother Mrs. Rehana Salam helped her make the food. When all arrived at her house she thanked them cordially and entertained them with lunch.

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