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Essay on Why Are Western Films More Popular Than Local Ones?

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The most important thing that notices about popular films is that they are never dull. In other words, the film-makers do not waste their time on scenes that drag on and Local films, in general, are so slow-moving that one is liable to fall asleep during their many monotonous scenes.

Western films only show what is necessary and likely to hold the audience’s attention. So the audience is kept at a pace that never allows dull moments to occur. One exciting scene is quickly followed by other exciting ones until the end the story is reached. The entertainment value is very high and the audience is kept interested.

Watching a local show can be a trying affair. I am not implying all local films are boring and dull. There are some very good ones indeed, but most tend to be very long-drawn, self-indulgent affairs that really are not entertaining at all. In one of these dreadful films that I have seen. I remember a very dull scene in a living room. The camera was kept focussed at a cup of coffee on the table for so long I was sure the coffee would have turned cold. Then the scene shifted to two people talking in the living room. The conversation was so painfully slow and predictable that the script-writer must have thought that the audience consists of morons.

I have just taken an extreme example to make the point that local films need to speed up their scenes to make them more interesting.

Next, local film-makers have got to make efforts to make their films more realistic. Some scenes are so badly made that even a child can tell that they are fake. Western film-makers spent a lot of money on special effects and stunts for the sake of realism in their films. Writing off a few cars to make a film is nothing to them. Our local film-makers cannot afford to be so extravagant. Thus the quality of our films cannot compare with the high-budget western ones. Where there is lack, of quality, there is also a lack of popularity.

Lastly, the cast in the film is very important. Good actors and actresses can make a low-budget film a success, whereas bad actors and actresses can cause a high-budget film to fail. However good actors and actresses are not cheap to come by. What started off as a low-budget film may just end up as a high-budget one if too many good actors and actresses are employed. Still, there is no excuse for getting third-rate actors to kill off an already bad script.

The important thing is that our film-makers must keep improving their quality. There is still a long way to go before we catch up with the westerners, but I notice we are on the way. Perhaps in the not too distant future, our films will be just as popular as the western ones.

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