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Essay on The Need for Global Peace

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Global peace is impossible when oppressors and oppressed are living in the same cabin with turbulent issues. The world has already passed medieval and victorian barbarous ages but failed to fulfill the demanding age of the common people; even the UNO is playing the role of the western country. And they are the keeper and destroyer of the common people. It is a matter of regret they are using this for their interest. For their personal interest’s sake, they (west-ern) invaded Iran and Afghanistan without paying heed to the UNO. With keeping the UNO, they invaded Lybia and are trying to invade Syria.

Present and unstable situation

When the world becomes unstable, conflict prevails here and there in every country, ‘might is right’ becomes the only slogan of the world where we feel the need for peace. Global peace means the peace prevailing in every country of the world. In other words, international peace means the globe without any conflict. When we see any conflict or dispute among the countries or any war occurs in the world, the world passes through its worst time. Its inhabitants do not feel any security in their lives, their dreams become a mirage, a shaking situation stays everywhere in the world.

Personal diversification

It is said that a single man has duality in his character. This duality consists of education, culture, and religion in one field and cruelty, ambition, and greed in another field. The first one is called rationality and the other one is animality. A man remains good when he is driven by his rationality or good nature. The same man becomes cruel when his brain is washed with evil thoughts and animality captivates him and gives directions to move. A man becomes renowned when he follows the directions of his rationality but he becomes ferocious, savage, or even dictator when he follows the directions of his animality.

Present crisis

It is a common perception that in ancient times people became cruel for their livelihood. They had to struggle against ferocious animals and natural calamities, and this fight made them accustomed to taking on challenges. In medieval times, the aggressive emperors invaded others’ realms to get it as their own and it resulted in a chaotic situation. But in the modern age, this conflict is for getting supremacy over both the power and economic field.

Before the first World War, people of different countries fought against colonialists to get their freedom. The cause of the World War was the nature of invasion of different kinds of different countries. In the modern age, it has not yet changed and another thing has been added to it to finish the funeral of the civilization. Now, the dispute and conflict are not restricted between two empires or states. Today, it has got a vast shape and it is now racial, local, religious, social. The Kashmir problem, Afghan problem, Middle-East peace crisis, Israel and Palestine problem, Japan and Russian Problem, etc. are the main problems of the modern age. Iraq problem is another new problem against peace in the Middle East. Different battles and the two World Wars in the last century heaped dead bodies in different countries. It helped men to recognize the pain of losing their kith and kin. It has now become an instinctive expectation of men to have peace globally and to get rid of the unendurable situation of the world.

It is said that if there is no room behind, men become rebellious and the French Revolution in 1789 was the result of it. If ‘survival of the fittest is the main slogan, then men need to fight against the chaotic situation to be fit for their survival in the world, because only peace can give men the environment to make themselves fit. People have already gathered the experience of destruction from the last two World Wars. If the present situation continues, it will be difficult for men to keep themselves alive let alone the next generation. Thinking this various peace committees and organizations are commencing to ensure peace in this world.

Connect between races

Conflicts compel different big countries to become divided. People are becoming separate to get peace and to pass their lives in peaceful conditions. They want to develop their country above all their situation. But development does not mean only the development in the economy, it means harmonious development in every field of the country. This development ensures the education of a nation, poverty alleviation, sanitation, standard of living, culture, relationship with foreign countries, ecological and environmental stability, etc. If the above-mentioned elements are available in a country, it is sure that the country will today or tomorrow lead the whole world. It is because these elements can only ensure the sustainable development of a country.

At present, the clash between the minority and the majority in different religions has got more severe shape. It is seen that minority class consists of poverty, lower race, different religions, less power or status or rank. They want to get their rights equal as sometimes they are tortured by the majority. As they have unity and they live in a specific place, so they have strength. They obey the orders of their king and as a human beings, they think, they should have equal rights like others. As they are tortured and deprived, they interrupt the so-called peaceful condition prevailing on this earth. They do not get their legal rights and they create this situation to have their rights.

Gender discrimination

Another discrimination we see is in sex. Women do not get their rights like a man. Like the memory, they are also deprived of their rights by males. When women become rebellious to get their rights, an unstable situation occurs in the world and peace stays hundred years away.

Need global peace

At different times different agreements and organizations are formed to ensure global peace. They wanted to control conflicts among the countries, but they failed and two World Wars and many battles occurred and interrupted world peace. To ensure peace permanently in the world UNO is formed in 1945 when the authority saw that the League of Nations is inadequate. Besides this, many local, national, or territorial organizations have been formed to ensure peace globally. To ensure peace globally, the most needful thing is co-existence. This peaceful co-existence of rich-poor, powerful-powerless can only be the way to let the peaceful condition in this world.

Relationship between colonial and colonist

During the last century, the: relationship between the colonial people and the colonialist was not in good shape. Besides, the two main doctrines-socialism and capitalism were also the inspiration for the bad people to start clash among themselves to destroy the peaceful sleep of common people. A cold war always goes on and one group makes a conspiracy against another one if they get any scope. When a conspiracy of a group comes in reality, it establishes that group and ruins the other group. The fall of the USSR is a result of such an incident and it ensures capitalism. Only the mutual understanding of capitalism with the socialists can ensure real peace in this world.

It is said that the interest of a party is more important than personal interest and the interest of a country is more important than that of a party. Everybody knows it and acknowledges it but the doctrine never comes in implementation. If the people sacrifice their interest for their party and if the respective party sacrifices its interest for the welfare of the country, it is obvious that there will be no clash in domestic or even in the international field.

The idea of the global village

Every state seems to be a unit of a big global family. So, for global peace, every person or every country should sacrifice his or her interest and stay in peace globally. If there occurs any unstable situation in a country, they should not suspect their neighboring country for this, rather they can encapsulate their mind to solve it and even they can take help from the other countries to ensure peace.

Another thing is seen in many countries and that is – they want to be superior to others in the field of arms and ammunition. If one country sees that its neighboring country is developing its arms sector, then she also feels interested to get more arms, instead of prohibiting him from doing this. This mentality • should be removed for the benefit of human rights.


Like Dhaka University premises, ‘may peace prevail on earth’ should be the slogan in every place of the world. Only global peace can ensure the sustainable development of a country and this sustainable development can make the world fit for the survival of the people and their generations. We expect from all the countries of the world that they will think of themselves as a global member and will do work for the global benefit.

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