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Essay on Technology Is Changing the Quality of Life

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The world is now in the hands of technology. As the days go by, innovation is coming with technology. Which is making life easier. Reducing physical and mental exertion. This is changing the picture of the human life journey. The use of technology is putting everything at stake, good and bad. Technology has become a blessing to people.

The world is now moving towards the fourth industrial revolution. At the heart of this revolution is information and communication technology (ICT). The standard of living is changing.

Computers, mobile phones, the Internet, Facebook, various application software, various programs, and apps, etc. can be considered as one of the means of rapid communication. People’s interest in technology is increasing as people are getting benefits from it.

Becoming instrumental in every task. Food, shopping, and other necessities are being ordered online from home. Not having to walk to the market. People are becoming more and more comfortable looking for benefits.

Bangladesh has also been moving forward along the IT highway for the past few years. However, coronavirus infection has radically changed the country’s information technology world. The changes that experts had hoped for a few days later were pushed by Corona long ago. For example, online activities have increased during the Coronation period.

The way in which new devices, strategies, and trends are being introduced and developed at a massive rate now will radically change our lifestyle in the near future. There is a growing reliance on technology and the use of artificial data.

Due to which technology is advancing at its own pace but it is stopping the mental and physical movement of people.

Along with the good aspects of changing the quality of life, there are also bad aspects. The amount of waste of time has increased on social media platforms.

It is seen that a fake account is being opened in the name of a person belonging to one religion and offensive pictures are being published in the name of an important person or organization of another religion from that ID. This is increasing the rivalry between religions.

The media is full of thousands of such fake accounts and fake news.

With increased cyberbullying. Every year, more than 5 million people worldwide fall victim to cyberbullying. And these are ruining people’s normal way of life. At the same time, technology is creating an atmosphere of negative thinking in close relationships.

There are also cases of blackmail by stealing information and pictures of individuals or organizations. The criminal gangs choose the internet as a secret medium to carry out their criminal activities.

Not only the internet but other sectors of technology are being used to commit various crimes.

The intense pull towards computers, smartphones, gaming systems, especially any device that can work on the screen can be considered as an addiction to technology. It’s not just children and teenagers who are addicted. People of any age can be addicted to the touch of technology.

This is going to stop the quality of life of the people. Distance is being created in the field of human relationships with people.

Moral values ​​are declining among the people. That has also been possible because of technology. As technology has changed in business, medicine, education, travel, etc., It has also changed the standard of living. The lion’s share of which has taken the form of having a detrimental effect.

It is our responsibility to bring these under control. If we cannot control ourselves, the future will not be good.

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