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Composition on If I Won a Lottery of Taka One Lack

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Introduction: there goes a wise saying, ‘hope springs eternal on human breast’. Hope helps a man to fight against all obstacles on his way to life and acts as a great source of inspiration to build up a promising future life.

Man’s hope: it goes without saying that every man has a hidden world of hope or imagination in his mind. He feels happy to think of a dreamy life for future through his imaginative power. I am not an exception. I have also a world of imagination in my mind.

Reasons for winning lottery: I am a student of class ten. Ours is a middle-class family. We have to lead our life amidst uncounted problems. Poverty is one of them. Our family consists of seven members of four school and college going brothers and sisters. My father is the only earning member of our family. Now he is not in a position to bear all the expenses of our family. Under these circumstances, I am always hunted by the dream of winning a lottery prize to overcome our financial hardships.

Plan for spending the money: I have decided to make the best use of the money. I would like to spend the money for my own self, for my family, and for humanitarian work. First of all, I have decided to hand over Taka twenty-five thousand to my father to pay his debt and add two more rooms to our existing house. Then I have thought to donate take ten thousand to our local mosque for its repairing work. Next, I have decided to buy cash certificates amounting to take ten thousand for my only younger sister. After that, I have planned to spend Taka five thousand for the purpose of excursions to Cox’s bazaar, Kuakata, and Mainamoti with two of my bosom friends. Finally, I have decided to deposit the remaining fifty thousand with a bank for our educational expenses and other emergency needs. Thus I have spent many a happy hour planning what I would do if I won a lottery of taka one lack. With this end in view, I have already started buying lottery tickets regularly.

Conclusion: I have always been optimistic. Now I am anxiously waiting for the lucky day to come.
How funny it would be if I were the owner of taka one lack!

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