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Composition On the Value of Sports at School

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Introduction: almost all the boys and girls are fond of sports. The few that are not interested in playing games are to be made play minded within proper limits. Because work and play is always good for a boy or a girl. It ultimately makes one broken in health and dull in spirits. Hence it is that modern school authorities devote a good amount of attention to the athletics of the pupils.

Purpose: the real object of education is to better the body and develop the mind. Reading books day and night is bound to be bad for both body and mind. It denies a sound mind in a sound body. Games and sports are the means that can better the body of school pupils for a number of solid reasons. They lead to physical development and fitness, they provide recreation; they help developing moral qualities like patience and alertness; they give training in discipline and unity of purpose. All these are to prove greatly helpful in the future career of young boy and girls.

Education value: it is said that the famous duke of wellington once saw boys playing in the field. He was much impressed with this sight. A mile played on his lips and he said, there our battles are own this saying bears an important meaning. It means that the play-field is proper place for our children to learn the laws of discipline develop the habit of obedience and orderly conduct, cultivate the will to win and take lesson in all other, good qualities. All these qualities will make then useful mean who will add to the glory of their nation.

Conclusion: health I wealth and we get hi wealth if we take part in port and athletic within due limit. If thee limit are crossed they do us more harm than good. It is a matter of regret that these bounds are often crossed by us. The result I that our health I ruined, body is broken and untimely grave is made ready.

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