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Composition on A Cultural Function You Attend

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Introduction: I should like to describe here an impressive cultural function that I attended some years ago. It was unique in many respects. Its memory is still fresh in my mind.

The occasion of the function: the function was held in the Sshilpakala academy auditorium on the occasion of a short visit of Ustad Ali Akabar khan, the great wizard in instrumental music of the subcontinent. For a few days before he comes, the whole town of Dhaka was eagerly waiting to receive great musician. At last, he comes amidst the great joy of the people.

Beginning of the function: on the appointed day the function started punctually at 5 p.m. the director of the anger kala academy made a neat and little speech for opening the function. He describes briefly the life of the distinguished guest. Then the chairman of the reception committee read our address of welcome to the honored guest and expressed a great joy at his kind visit to Dhaka. Then the artists of the town were given a chance to make a display of their art. They gave us a good display of themselves as they doing so they, however, looked very mall before him. Now amid clapping of hands from the audience, the great artist made a short speech, thanking the people Dhaka for the cordial reception given to him.

The unique performance of the master artist: then the artist took up his lyre and started playing on it. There was a pin drop silence in the hall. This was the moment for which the people of Dhaka were waiting so long with eagerness. The first time that he stuck of his lyre sent a thrill of admiration among the audience. All felt that his unique performance fully deserved the reputation he enjoyed for many years in the circle of the eminent artist of the subcontinent. The tunes he played had infinite shades of variety that charmed the people. For long two hours, he kept the audience spellbound.

Conclusion: at about 11 p.m. the function came to a close. It left an abiding impression on my mind and gave me joy which I shall never forget.

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