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Composition on Patriotism

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Introduction: patriotism means love of one’s own country. it is a noble virtue. it is a sterling quality of a man. it elevates his moral character and inspires him to lay down his life on the altar of his country. He is the most unfortunate man who has no sense of love for his motherland.

Value of patriotism: Patriotism inflames a spirit of sacrifice in a man. It inspires him to live for his country and die for his country. The progress and prosperity of a nation depend on the deep love of the individual members of the country. National prestige and glory should be a living reality to a true patriot. He should not live for his own interest being blind to the interest of his country and countrymen. He should bear in mind that motherland is superior to heaven.

The man who is a false patriot: False patriotism is very dangerous. Love of one’s own country is good but one should not look down upon other countries. Many crimes have been committed in the name of patriotism. It has been so much misused to fulfill the most selfish aims and narrow passions that Dr. Johnson said in disgust, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

The man who is a patriot: A true patriot always longs for the good of his country and countrymen. It is a noble sentiment that inspires him to place. The good of his motherland above his personal interest. He devotes himself to the service of his Country. So his countrymen always hold him in great respect and follow in his footsteps. He has no conflict with internationalism. A true patriot has a broad and liberal outlook.

Conclusion: In this world, there is no man who is not proud of his country. It is the purest of all his passions. There is no man whose heart is not filled with joy when he walks homeward after traveling in a foreign country.

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