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Short Essay On Patriotism

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Introduction: Patriotism means to love for one’s own country. It is a noble virtue. It removes all sorts of meanness from the human mind and makes it broad.

An Unpatriotic: Patriotism inspires a man to shed the last drop of blood to defend the freedom of his country. A man without this quality is no better than a beast.

A true patriot: A true patriot is rare. He is honored by all. His only aim is to promote the welfare of his country and countrymen. He always remembers a wise saying, “Mother and motherland are superior to heaven.”

Traitor: There are some traitors who always try to destroy the glory of the country for self-interest, Really, they are the slur to the country. they die a negligible death. Nobody mourns for them. Because the nation never owes to him.

Usefulness: True patriotism is beneficial to all. It brings happiness and prosperity to the nation. A true patriot has a broad and liberal outlook. He hates none. For the development of his country, he works for day and night. For his own interest, he takes the little car. Very dangerous is the narrow patriotism. It acts like germs. It spoils the happy atmosphere of the country.

Conclusion: Bangladesh needs the services of true patriots. But mere utterance of patriotism is not enough. Beside patriotism. We should serve our country to the best of our ability. if we do our level best appropriately, certainly our country will see the bright face of progress.