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Composition on Environment Pollution

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Introduction: environment pollution has now become great at the threat to human civilization. This problem is getting more and more acute day by day.

Causes of pollution: the environment is mainly polluted in three ways: air pollution, water pollution, and sound pollution. Air is polluted by smoke mainly from cooking food. Burning bricks refuses, vehicles, mills, and factories. Water is largely polluted by industrial wastes. Human wastes, dead bodies of animals, uses of chemical fertilizers and insecticides, random uses of chemical products in reveres and seas etc. Sound pollution occurs mainly from motor, vehicles, televisions, loudspeakers. Cassette players and so on. Environment pollution causes a lot of fatal diseases like cancer. Heart-attack, book-pressure, bronchitis, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, hard of hearing, nerve problem, working problem and not. Besides, the frequent and increasing uses of bombs, bullets, tanks, missiles and chemical weapons by the mighty countries are also producing disastrous effects on human civilization. The after-effects of these chemical weapons are long and incurable. Deforestation is another element causing serious environmental pollution. The total area of world dessert is increasing day by day. The eight districts of north Bangladesh are now being turned into a desert due to the Farakka Barrage of India.

Creation of greenhouse effect: the world climate is undergoing a rapid and major change day by day with a negative effect on human habitation on earth. This change in climate is giving rise to a dreadful effect called the greenhouse effect. This greenhouse effect is increasing the heat in the atmosphere and releasing poisonous gas all around. It is most dreadful for human as well as another living being. This gas is largely being emitted by the industrially developed countries of the world. They are emitting this gas more than 70-80 times of the developing countries like ours.

The result is that we, the people of developing countries, are getting victims year after year and suffering deadly with the loss of heavy tolls of lives and properties. In this way, our lives and properties are now quite at a stake for the unwise and whimsical activities of the advanced countries. We are now just left to the mercy of these countries for our survival on earth. This helpless condition was exposed on 17 October 2009 before the world people by the cabinet ministry of Maldives through holding a conference under the sea-water. Besides members of the parliament of Nepal held a conference on 4 Decembers, 2009 above a height of 17,192 feet at the base camp of Mount Everest with a view to heightening awareness among the people about the formidable effects of change in the climate of the world.

The condition of Bangladesh: the helplessness of our coastal Bangladesh is all the more miserable. Johan hurry, a British journalist, paid a visit to the different areas of Bangladesh and published alarming news in the independent about Bangladesh, “Bangladesh is set to disappear under the waves by the end of the country.” Scientists have also recently reported that if this condition continues unchecked, the world would soon become unfit for human habitation, regarding Bangladesh they have warned the beds of the Bay of Bengal will swell up and submerge the whole of south Bengal. What an alarming warning it is!

Conclusion: it is a matter of great sorrow that we are not conscious of the dreadful consequences of environmental pollution. It is high time we started a green peace movement and saved ourselves from an impending disaster.

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