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Report on The Damaged Roads in Your Locality

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Question: Suppose, you are a reporter of “The Rising Sun”. Write a report on the damaged roads in your locality. The bad condition of roads of Zigatola.

Answer: Hasan, Zigatola, March 2014: The roads of Zigatola are broken here and there. No motor cars can drive easily. The conditions of the rickshaw puller are indescribable. They can neither pull their rickshaw nor move here: The people of this area have been suffering a lot from the pitiable conditions of roads. During the rainy season, the water stands here for long days and the sufferings of the people beggar description. So, the environment in the locality is completely unlivable because of these problems. People are frightened of this condition. It should be improved by repairing the roads and the old drainage system. In the circumstances, the people of the area hope that both Government and City Corporation would take steps to put an end of the sufferings and ensure good health.

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