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Report On Facebook: An Addiction to Young Generation

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Question: Write a report on the impact of facebook.

Facebook: An Addiction to Young Generation

Answer: Mr. Karim, Dhaka 21st March 2014: Facebook has recently drawn the attention of ‘many. Facebook has become a deep concern for many parents. With the digitalization of modern life, some technology has taken our life in a sweep. Blessing of information technology has been showered upon us. But the young generation always finds thrill in every aspect of modern technology. Recently Facebook, one of the blessings of digital technology, has become a matter of deep concern for many parents. It is commonly found almost everywhere that some boys and girls are busy with the laptop operating facebook. Even in cellphone students always remain busy with facebook. It hampers their education. At the same time, many vulgar scenes and pictures are being uploaded on facebook. It is leading our young generation to the ashtray. Many educationists nowadays blame facebook addiction of the young generation for the fall of the standard of education. Mr. Kamrul, a father of a college-going boy, has expressed his deep concern for this. Mrs. Khadija Akhter, a mother of a young girl, claims that. Govt. should take some effective measure to save the young generation from this corrosive addiction of facebook.