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Paragraph on The Bad Effects of Smoking

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There is strong medical evidence that smoking is related to more than two dozen diseases. It has negative effects on nearly every organ of the body and reduces overall health. Smoking is responsible for the cause of preventable death and it has also negative health impacts on people of all ages: unborn babies, infants, children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Similarly, it leads people to develop health problems like cancer, organ damage, and heart diseases. These diseases limit a person’s ability to be normally active. The carbon monoxide produced by passive smoking competes with oxygen for required sites on red blood booths. This reduces the blood’s ability to deliver oxygen to the heart and compromises the heart muscle’s ability to use oxygen. People who smoke cigarettes seem to have a higher risk of death from heart disease (and possibly stroke), but their risk isn’t as great as that of cigarette smokers. Studies also show that smokers get more colds, flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia than nonsmokers. And people with certain health conditions become sicker if they smoke; because teens who smoke as a way to manage weight often light up instead of eating, their bodies lack the nutrients they need to grow, develop, and fight off illness properly. Smoking lessens the overall health of smokers. For every premature death caused each year by smoking, there are at least 20 smokers living with a serious smoking-related illness.

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