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Paragraph: On My Way to School

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  • Which school do you study?
  • Where have you been living?
  • How far is it from your residence?
  • What do you see on the way?
  • What bothers you much?
  • What matters annoy you much?

Answer: In Dhaka, it is often disturbing for anyone to be out of the house. I personally feel it when I am on my way to school. I read in VNS, Bailey road. Since our house is at DOHS, Mohakhali I need to travel quite a long distance. There are jams all the way. The ordeal starts as soon as I drive past the cantonment. The question that always haunts me, if I might reach school in time or not. The situation worsens at the Farmgate traffic signal. There I notice a definite touch of desperation in everybody. The place bustles with the noise of very high decibel. After the Sonargaon Hotel signal-, things begin to ease a little. What bothers me most on the way to school in the air pollution caused by the motor vehicles. The deafening noise of the horns of vehicles and the nagging behavior of the street beggars are very much annoying. However, I feel pain for the traffic police officers who perform their duty defying hazardous and hostile environment I think it is high time the authority made the city roads free from hassles.