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Paragraph on Florist as a Career

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Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Florist as a Career’. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.

  1. Who is a florist?
  2. How is the career of a florist?
  3. What qualities do you need to have for a florist’s job?
  4. How do most florists learn the trade?
  5. How does a florist make arrangement of flowers?

Answer: A florist is a person who handles flowers professionally. In Bangladesh being a florist is still considered an unconventional job. But it is not a bad career in the sense that a florist earns his living working among the daisies, violets, tulips, marigolds, dhalias, bellies, roses, and all other flowers. To be a florist one needs not to have any formal education or diploma. But s/he must have a good taste, good eye for colors, shapes, and proportion. S/he needs to have a good sense for selecting flowers, ribbons, and other accessories to make beautiful arrangements. Most florists learn the trade mainly through an apprenticeship in a previous flower farming job. But it is also possible to learn by attending formal floral schools and courses. However, a true passion for flowers and a bit of aesthetic sense are all that can make a florist’s career successful. A florist knows how to prepare flowers for display on a variety of events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, marriage days, Valentine’s day, official receptions and even funerals. S/he knows how to create superb arrangements according to conventions and significance associated with flowers.