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Essay On Why I Should (Or Should Not) Like To Be A Politician

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I should not like to be a politician.

A politician is supposed to be a leader of people. A leader of other people has, first of all, got to know what is good for the people. Does a politician know what is good for others’? Does he know what is good for himself?

As I ask myself these two questions I have to honestly answer no. The fact is that I do not know what is really good for anyone else. Sometimes I-even wonder what is really good for me. If I knew I would not be the victim of circumstances and people as l now have to put up with.

The point is that no one knows what is good for another and a person must be honest enough to admit this.

I find that for the most part, politicians do not know what is good for others. They only preach what their parties say. So they impose their views and power on ordinary citizens. Some accept what has been imposed on them while others do not. So in effect, politicians will always have supporters as well as opposers.

If politicians really knew what is good for the people and work towards the good, the world we live in would be a perfect place. Any sane person can see that the opposite is true. The world is in chaos. In just about every, country where politicians try so hard to help the country, the result is discontent, disorder, and sometimes riots and wars. One set of politicians insists on one thing while an opposing set insists on its opposite. So where is the good they often claim they know?

Often too they quarrel and bicker among themselves and inflame their supporters to violence. Will quarreling and bickering lead to good things? It certainly does not seem possible.

The whole world now is run by politicians who do not what is good for the world. Most of them are only interested in keeping their positions of power. So they tell lies and manipulate things for their own benefit. Anyone who tells lies and manipulates things is not what I would call a trustworthy or respectable person. Certainly, I would not like to be one of them.

Not all politicians areas I described. However, the really honest ones are few and far in between. Also, these do not seem to be able to last long in the hostile world of politics, where the cunning wins. As it is often said, politics is a dirty game.

So I should not like to be a politician. It is more important for me to discover what it is to be a really honest person and then perhaps to know what is wrong with this mad world and thus be able to do something about it. Until then I would not be dishonest enough to think that I can help my fellow men and women by being a politician.

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