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Essay on My Message to The Next Generation

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The modern world is filled with conflicts. Countries war with one another. Religion is an excuse for clashes between groups of people. Family members squabble among themselves. Personal struggle and unhappiness reside in each person.

What are the causes of these unhappy things? The causes may be many but they boil down to two things: lack of honesty and greed.

If you really want to make improvements to your world then these are two things you must be aware of You need to have honesty and you must not be greedy.

Just look at some examples of conflict and we can see how these two things are involved.

On the international level countries sit down for peace-talks while they continue to find better means of kiliing one another. They talk of arms-reduction while they stockpile their nuclear missiles ..Where is the honesty in their actions? They say one thing but do the opposite. Their greed for power blinds them into an unending quest for more and more power. There is only one aim in their mind to be the most powerful. That is pure greed, and the way to power knows no bounds. Nobody is honest.

Coming down a bit, we see religion today in a state of chaos. Every religion is polluted with hundreds of sects all claiming to be the true one. Religious groups clash with one another. They kill, maim and destroy in the name of religion. Unending fighting has reduced some countries to ruins. Yet they continue in their folly. It is clear that greed has overcome these people. Their greed for power rules them. They assume that they are right and they make their demands, regardless of what other people think. Honest reflection on their part will tell them that the world is filled with people of different races, beliefs, and religions. It is necessary for us to tolerate and respect one another. We cannot simply assume w:e are right and the rest be damned. That is sheer dishonesty and arrogance. But who listens to the voice of his conscience.

Within a country itself, we see some leaders in a constant battle for power. Their speeches and action stink of greed, They use any means to get what they want, they lie, cheat and manipulate just to remain on top, Honesty does not exist for them. They merely utter that they want to help the people when in fact all they want is to have power and crow rich. So once again we see greed and dishonesty reigning over these people.

Families too are not spared, especially the rich ones. Brothers and sisters battle for their father’s money. They involve themselves in the grab for riches and go through hell just to get them. Lawsuits, harassment, physical harm, and even murder are used to get what they want. Overwhelming greed drives them to do these things. Flagrant dishonesty rules their lives: They do not care who gets hurt and what methods are employed as long as they get their demands.

Individually to all of us indulge in dishonesty on occasions. We say yes when we want to say no. We try to please others so that they remain our friends. We tell Ueo to get out of trouble. We say not what our hearts really feel but things that may bring profit to us.

We are greedy too. Just look at the number of people who jam the 4-D shops and other gambling places and we can see how greed has taken over their lives. Cooperatives, societies, and other organizations are filled with greedy and dishonest people all out to make money. So we hear of misuse of funds and embezzlement by those in power. Some of these crooks get caught and ao to jail. Yet we do not learn. Greed drives others to do exactly the same misdeeds that were done before.

There seems to be no end of these conflicts that we experience. There is no end as long as we are dishonest and greedy. We will slide declare war on others, we will still damn others who do not share our religious beliefs, we will go on wasting our money on gambling and we will still hate others for whatever they are doing to us. The only way out of this hell is to regain our honesty and cast away our greed. Then, and only then will we have any real chance of making our world into one that is indeed peaceful and wonderful.