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Essay on “Success Is 1% Inspiration And 99% Perspiration,” Give Your Views on This

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As far as I can see from my own experience and from the experience of others, this saying is true. We may be inspired to do something, but the success of what we do requires great effort and determination.

As a badminton-playing country, winning the Thomas Cup is the ultimate achievement and all players are inspired by this. It is easy to imagine winning the cup, but the actual winning of it is very much more difficult. For twenty-five years since 1967, our badminton players had tried and tried to win the cup without much success. Then by sheer dedication and plenty of perspiration from the players we did manage to win in 1992. This magnificent achievement came only after working so hard and coming second best a number of times.

I have been inspired by others who have done well in their examinations. It is easy to admire someone who has scored eight distinctions. When I asked her how she managed to perform so outstandingly, she replied that it took a lot of hard work and effort. So I know if I ever harbour any hope of emulating her achievement, I will have to go through the grind of studying hard. Again it is a clear success will not come only from inspiration. It may come if I am prepared to work for it.
Even then there is no guarantee that it will.

Man has always been fascinated by the birds and things that can fly. He is inspired by these flying creatures to take to the skies as well. Many, including the great Leonardo da Vinci. dreamt of flying and flying machines. However, inspiration was not enough. No one succeeded until the Wright brothers appeared on the scene.

The brothers were credited to be the first to fly in an aeroplane. They were inspired by those people before them who tried to fly although without success. At first, the brothers failed as well. But they persisted and finally, they succeeded. Their success was the culmination of the inspiration and perspiration of those before them.

It must have been frustrating for those who tried to fly but never succeeded. Well, by the way of things, not ever/one is going to succeed no matter how much he or she may try. That is another thing about success that l realise, I can study very hard but may not score as many distinctions as I hope for, but there is a possibility that I may just succeed. If I do riot make any effort, then definitely I will not succeed no matter how much inspiration I may have.

Perhaps then I may be tempted to add to the saying and make it “Success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration and plenty of luck as well”.

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