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Essay on Preparations for A Holiday Are Often More Enjoyable Than the Holiday Itself. What Are Your Experiences and Opinions?

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Once, when l was just a little child. my father announced that he was going to take the family for a weekend by the sea. We were all very excited for we had never taken a holiday by the sea before.

My mother, my brothers and sisters planned what to buy for the proposed trip. We went shopping to buy our swimming suits, rubber floats, mats, hats, sun-tan lotion and all the things we deemed necessary. It was most enjoyable as we went from shop to shop purchasing the things.

Two days before the proposed holiday, my mother started preparing the food we would take for the trip. We were going to stay overnight in a rented bungalow and we had to make sure we had enough food. So, she spent a lot of time preparing biscuits, cakes, curry and other delicious food.

Saturday morning dawned bright and breezy. The day we were looking forward to had come. We loaded our things into the car and proceeded to the beach resort forty kilometres, from our house.

We arrived at the bungalow but were immediately disappointed. The sea was nowhere in sight. In fact, we were surrounded by a rubber estate. To reach the beach we had to walk about a kilometre. The beach was nothing to shout about either. It was not suitable for swimming as there were rocks everywhere. Instead, we had to drive down to a suitable beach some distance from the bungalow just for a swim. Our enthusiasm was somewhat dented by how things turned out. Our expectations for a wonderful holiday certainly did not materialize.

After a hectic day of going to and from the bungalow to the sea, we were all tired when we finally returned to the bungalow. However, we could not get proper rest as the mosquitoes arrived in hordes to bother us all through the night. We all wished that we were back home.

Anyhow, we endured a sleepless night and early next morning our mother suggested we all go home. We all agreed and we packed our things into the car. A lot of food was spoiled because the refrigerator did not work. So, we had to throw them away. When we arrived home just before noon, we were all so tired that we all went to sleep without lunch. It was five in the evening before we woke.

That was a very unpleasant experience. The prep ration was enjoyable, certainly not the holiday.

From other similar experiences. I realize that the looking forward to a holiday is the exciting part, not the holiday itself. Often the holiday turns out to. be pretty mediocre or a disaster like the one above. Preparing for a holiday is enjoyable because something wonderful is expected. However, when the real thing comes, almost always, it is not at all like what is expected. Thus, we are always disappointed.

Nowadays I do not have expectations or look forward to holidays. It is better to let them come as they are. In that way I do not have to bear further disappointments.

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