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Paragraph on The National Memorial

Question: Write a paragraph on “The National Memorial”. In your paragraph answer the following questions.

  1. What does the National Manorial symbolize?
  2. Who laid their lives?
  3. Why did they sacrifice their lives?
  4. Describe the figure of the National Memorial?
  5.  What is the figure plan of the complex?

Answer: The National Memorial at Saver is a symbol of the nation’s respect for the martyrs of the War of Liberation. It is built with concrete but made of blood. It stands 150 feet tall, but every martyr it stands for the stand so much taller. It is an achievement the dimensions of which can be measured, but it stands for an achievement which is immeasurable. It stands upright for millions of martyrs who laid down their lives so that we may stand-upright in honour and dignity amongst the nations of the world. Most prominently visible is the 150 feet. The tower that stands on a base measuring 130 feet.