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Essay on Describe One Or More Occasions When You Did What Other People Expected or Demanded of You Rather Than What You Wanted to Do

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Family and friends are necessary parts of a person’s life. They act as companions in our voyage through life. With them, we experience and share many things. We learn how to love, hate, laugh, joke and be a normal functioning human being.

This learning process is a wonderful thing except at the times when I am forced to do things that do not want to do.

Some time ago, a few of my friends and I went to the beach by bus. When we arrived there, everybody was excited and began to change to get into the water as quickly as possible. Somehow or that day I felt that I did not want to get wet. I did not know why but I had no wish to go swimming. So, sat down on the straw mat that we had brought and spread out on the sandy beach. I just wanted to relax and observe the waves breaking on the seashore.

I watched my friends leaped into the foamy sea amidst yells of joy and laughter. After a few minutes, they realized that I was not with them. When they discovered that I was sitting alone on the beach they started yelling for me to join them. I did not budge. I was adamant about relaxing on the beach. However, I did not have my way. My friends emerged from the sea, caught me with their wet slimy hands, carried me to the seashore and unceremoniously dumped me bottom-first onto the surf.

I was hopping mad and protested strongly about being forced to become wet. My protest fell CFI deaf ears. It was one person against six.

So, I finally gave in to their demands for me to join them. They said that I was expected to go swimming, otherwise what was the point in coming to the seaside? They did not understand that it was also wonderful just to sit and relax. As I was already wet, I decided that I might as well be wet through and through. I took off my wet clothes and changed into swimming trunks. Then I joined my friends in the sea.

Another time, my good friend Cher rang me up and invited me to see a midnight film-show in town. Who would not like to see James Bond in action? So, I agreed to meet him at the theatre at eleven that night. I was all worked up about the prospect of enjoying myself at the theatre. However, my joy was short-lived. When I told my mother about Chen’s invitation, she immediately said that I could not go. I asked her why not. She said she did not want me to go out so late at night because there had been a spate of criminal activities occurring recently and she did not want me to be exposed to any of these activities.

Her words were final. No amount of pleading or coaxing could make her change her mind. I could understand her concern for me but I was big enough to look after myself. Still, in the end, I gave in and rang Chen to cancel the appointment. He expressed his -disappointment. l expressed mine, but what was I to do? I wanted to see the show but I could not disobey my mother either. So, I had to relent. I had to see the picture at some other more convenient time.

Recently I was’ forced to do something that could decide my future. When I was promoted to the fourth form I was “streamed” into the science class. I was supposed to be very fortunate to have a place in the prestigious science class However my heart was set on pursuing a literary course. I did not want to become a scientist or a mathematician. I wanted to be an author. So, what was the point of going into the science class?

When I made my request for transfer to my teacher, she was horrified beyond words. She could not understand why I would want to enter the “undesirable stream.” Soon everybody learned of my intention. I was bombarded with all sorts of arguments and advice. My friends ridiculed me, my parents begged me to remain and my teachers thought that I had gone out of my mind. Only my good friend Chen understood.
Finally, I “repented” and became a model science student just to be rid of the unbearable pressure on me. However, I told myself to be stronger when I enter the sixth form. I will definitely do what I want to do. For now, I have to bear the burden quietly.

I have come to the end of this essay. l could go on indefinitely for I have many stories to tell, but I am expected to close here. Thus, again I have to give in to expectation and sign off.

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