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Essay on My New Year Resolutions

The new year approaches and as usual, there are great hopes, dreams, and resolutions to make for the coming year. However, I will desist from hoping and dreaming this time and stick to the resolutions only.

My past experiences have taught me that hoping and dreaming is a useless waste of energy for they usually do not come true or they come horribly short of the target. Only resolutions can be kept, to a certain degree of success.

First of all, I resolved to spend less time talking and more time doing. The past year had been a very noisy one as my friends and I spent so much time gossiping and talking nonsense. This year we cannot afford such a luxury. There is much work to be done if we are to make it in the coming examinations. So it is action time and I shall devote the year to it.

Secondly, I have to spend less time in front of the television set, the hi-fi set, and the computer. These are fun things but they are also very time-consuming. The time is better spent on my books. Otherwise, I might run out of time in the end. I have to make the effort to get away from these very addictive time-wasters.

Next, I resolved to cut down on my physical activities in school as well as outside school. It is fine to score a few goals and be a hero for a short spell, but sport-heroes are quickly forgotten. It is better to do well in the examinations than in the field. The legs get old and cannot kick the ball for very long. The brain is much more durable.

Physical activities also include the time wasted in shopping malls and fast food outlets. Again these are fun things to do while they last, but I have to outgrow them. Besides, these activities are taxing on the pocket. Money can be more well-spent than on a piece of fried chicken or a glass of fizzy drink.

Lastly, I resolve to keep these few resolutions. Previously, I used to make tons of resolutions which I had no chance nor intention of keeping. So I was just deceiving myself in making many wishful resolutions. This state of affairs has to stop or I will keep deceiving myself. A few resolutions are far easier to remember and so to keep than a dozen which are quickly forgotten and thus are impossible to keep.

So the old year gradually draws to a close and a new year appears. It is with determination and courage that I shall strive to keep my resolutions and not let them drop away like so many useless words.