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Essay on The End of The Holidays

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The end of the holidays approaches. Soon it will be back to school again to begin another year of studies: It is a mixture of gladness and sadness I feel as the beginning of another school term nears.

The holidays had been great. I got to do most of the things I had planned to do, like going camping, cycling, visiting friends and watching videos at home. The past five weeks had been very hectic. Many unexpected things turned up too, but they were mostly pleasant.

The only blemish to the otherwise perfect holidays was the time when I had to push my bicycle for ten kilometres to the next repair shop after the tyre sprang a leak. Other than that there is no complaint.

The blackest Monday of the year is due in a few days time. I will be going back to school for possibly the last year for next year I will be in the Fifth Form. It will be an examination year and I will have to put more attention to my studies. I cannot muck around so much as I have done this past year. Form Four is a honeymoon year as they say. Perhaps it is so. Form Five will not be so. In fact, it will be year cf slog.

I will have to start getting my things ready for the new term. I need new shoes and a new bag to hold my books. The old ones are already too worn out. Also, I need to buy some pens and other writing materials. Other than these things I probably have all I will need for the coming year. Anything else necessary will be evident when the time comes.

So begin to wonder how my classmates are going to behave this year. Certainly, they will not as playful as last year. wonder too if there are any new teachers that are going to teach us. I heard that our mathematics teacher has been transferred away so a replacement is definite. I hope the new one will be better than the previous one who was actually a bit lazy in his teaching.

Ah yes, I must remember to check my bicycle. It would be most unlucky to have a flat tyre on the first day of school. So I suppose I have to get the old tyre replaced. That costs money. I will have to ask my mother for some.

So this last few days of the holidays will be spent getting ready for the coming school year. As I said earlier it is with some gladness and sadness as I wait to go back to school. Gladness because I am going to be among friends once more and sadness because this is .probably going to be my last year in school. The years in school had been great. To know that they are just about over is a bit saddening. Nevertheless, the holidays are practically over and I must get ready for the next stage of my life.

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