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Essay on How Will You Celebrate the End of The Examinations?

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The moment the last paper is over, I am going to step outside the examination hall and give out the loudest yell that I can muster. This will be the yell that will tell the world that the examinations are over. The months of toil: sweat and tension have ended and it is time for joy and celebration.

Then my friends and I will head straight for our favorite “ice-water” stall and immerse ourselves in cool glasses of our favorite drinks. l will have the largest glass of “ais campur” with everything included. This will mark the beginning of my celebration of the end of these examinations.

When I reach home after satisfying myself with the “ais campur”, I will get hold of a large cardboard box into which I will dump all my text-books, revision books, exercise books, and other paraphernalia. No reminder of the past months of slogging will be allowed to remain on my table. Instead, I will put a vase of flowers, some novels and other general books on the table. The box of school books will be put into the remotest corner on my room and left there as long as possible, preferably forever:

After tidying up my room I will go to the video shop and borrow all the videotapes I wanted to watch but never had the chance before. Then I will spend the next few days doing nothing but watching these tapes. I only hope my eves can hold out that long.

My friends and I have already planned to go camping for a week after the examinations. This we will do, only after

I have watched all the videotapes that I want to. We will cycle to the seaside that is about twenty miles from our town. There we will spend one whole glorious week frolicking under the sun. l must be careful not to get sunburnt, as happened the last time I went camping. It was a painful experience. So, this time I will ensure that have ample supply of suntan lotion. Of course, we will have to bring all the necessary things for camping, like tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils and most important of all, food. I have no explanation for the fact that camping always seems to make me hungry all the time. So, we will take along enough food to last us a week.

By the time the week is over we would be nicely tanned, or burnt, and we would all be very tired. On reaching home there is only one sensible thing to do, that is to take a nice long rest in bed, for a day or so. This is to allow me to recover my strength for the final item in my celebration list the tour of the country.

I have always wanted to visit the famous places in my country. l has not done so because I was too young. However, since this would probably be my last year in school, my parents have allowed me to go hitch-hiking around the country, on condition l have a partner. Fortunately, I managed to convince one of my good friends to accompany me. If everything goes according to plan. I will spend the next month traveling and learning more about our lovely country. There are .so many sights to see and I intend to see them all. Just thinking of them makes me impatient; the snake temple of Penang, the relics of Melaka. Fraser’s Hill. etc. traveler

At the end of my intended tour, I will come home to relax and wait for the examination results. What the future brings is left to be seen. This immediate present is more important, so the moment these examinations are over, the fun begins.