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Short Composition on War and Peace

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Introduction: war is a curse and destroys everything. War has always been a common phenomenon in human society either on a small scale or on a large scale. Man’s beastly instinct to upper hand and rove through the society with war shedding a sea of blood. Peace war is and will be the much-sought thing to them. Consequently, people have grown strong apathy towards the tumultuous condition. Hence the terms war and peace have become subject to much talk and discussion.

War and its types: war is the use of force on the part of two or more nations or other organized groups for the purpose of deciding questions of some issues which can not be settled by diplomatic means. Inoffensive war actions are taken as to force the defeat of armed forces and destroy an enemy’s will to fight. In a defensive war, all means and methods, tactics and strategies are employed to prevent, resist or destroy an enemy’s attack.

Why is a war fought: war is fought for multifarious supposes. War is mainly fought to bring about political, social or economic change. It is also caused by religious conflict, protection of dynastic succession or acquisition of territory. Their aim was to increase wealth. Now wars are also often said to be fought with a desire for security.

Wars through ages; wars have been fought from the dawn of human civilization. But organized wars began with western civilization between the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean sea. The peoples were nomadic.

With the advancement of civilization, whether human, beings have been purified or not, are a big question. The world experienced a Great War with huge casualties in the World War I (1914-1918). The Pacific war was fought with amphibious operations.

Results of war: wars affect not only the combatants but also noncombatant peaceful civilian populations. Innumerable people are killed. Thousands are often left homeless. Wars result in population shift as masses of refugees seeks asylum. War affects land to a great degree. Ecological balance is seriously disturbed and destroyed. Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan bear its witness. Chemical used in the Vietnam War resulted in marked changes to the topography of the regions.

The quest for peace: man’s quest for peace is a common trend and it’s found in the ancient time also. Peace was a much-sought thing to the people from the very dawn of their life. We find such efforts with the rise of nations states at the end of the middle ages.

The first peace society in history was organized in New York in 1815. there is the quest for peace either in one form of agreement or accord or at least discussion.

Conclusion: the wars through ages with all their causalities and cruel and deadly blows bloodshed and barbarism have taught us a little. The peace movements and heartfelt longing for peace of the common people in general and the intellectuals have yielded a little fruit.

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