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Composition on My First Day at School

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Introduction: a man starts receiving his formal education from any primary educational institution. This is the first stage of the life of a tender aged boy or girl to be acquainted with a new world of knowledge and experience. This is why the first day at school leaves an everlasting impression on the mind of a learner. It goes without saying that the first day of going anywhere is very thrilling to all. My first day at school was also a day of great thrills.

Parent’s feelings: education is light and knowledge is power. They are both deeply related to the change of life. Change is the law of life while stagnation is the death of life. A proverb also goes, ‘life is action, not contemplation.’ A man cannot make his life on earth well-fitted for the future struggle without changing his born-course of life. He can change his born-course of life by discovering and expending his dormant faculties through acquiring knowledge, especially formal or institutional knowledge. My parents having been led by this noble motto had sent me to the nearby primary school at age of six.

The mystery of life: mysterious are the ways of God. Man’s creation on earth is all the more mysterious. The sheer reality of our life on earth is that one moment we laugh in joy while the next moment we burst into tears. Actually, our earthly life is just living a bubble. Many an event of joy and sorrow of our life lies stored upon the pages of our memory. But all of them are not equally important and memorable to us. Most of them are forgotten with the passage of them. Only a few from amount them more than often peep through the window of our mind’s eye and give us either joy or sorrow. I have also a few finger-counted events of both joy and sorrow stored up in my memory which is worthy to be remembered. The memory of my first day at school amounts to one of them. It is still glittering vividly in my mind’s eye life the glittering stars studded in the sky.

Preparation: the day of my going to school came up. Mother washed me well. Combed my hair and dressed me in fine clothes. My father also got ready. I took leave of my mother. Father took me to the school. All the way I walked with him a throbbing heart.

The site of the school: the school was situated in an open space facing the south. It was housed in a big L-shaped building. There was a large field in front of it. There were flower gardens all around. It was very sweet to look into the beautiful face of the school.

Meeting headmaster: father took me to the headmaster. He spoke very kindly to me. He asked me some questions and I answered them all very promptly. He was very pleased and allowed me admission to class two. He patted my head with deep saying. ‘it’s a very friendly place. Everybody will help you, so don’t feel worried.’ These kind words of the headmaster dispelled all sorts of fear of hesitation from my mind.

Other experiences: our class teacher was a very nice man. He received me very kindly and showed me my seat. He was teaching English. The other teachers also spoke gently to me. My classmates were eager to make friendship with me. Our school broke up at 4 p.m. I came out with the other boys amidst great hue and cry. I welded in a hurry and found my mother awaiting me on the way. She fondly took me her arms and gave me many things to eat. Thus my first day at school came to an end.

My impression: It is said that the first impression lasts long. It continues to be true in my life too. Though my first day at school came to an end, my imagination kept roaming about with my senses all over the passed-by way. I felt like saying ‘backward, turn backward, time in your flight.’ To speak the truth, the findings and the experiences I had on that day still float up before my mind’s eye and fill my heart with a world of joy and pleasure. I wish I could go back to that school day again.

Conclusion: my first day at school is indeed a new and interesting experience in my life. The day unveiled before me a great truth of our life on earth. Let me quote the words of the poet,

“I slept and found that life is beauty.
I woke and found that life is duty.”

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