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Paragraph on Tokai

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Who is a tokai?
  2. How is his dress?
  3. How does he earn his livelihood?
  4. Where does he sleep?
  5. When does his figure seem to be important?

Answer: Tokai is a local Bangla word. It means one who collects or picks up the abandoned things. He is a boy of the street having no home and hearth. He leads a very dirty and unhygienic life. He puts on rags and patched up clothes. Bad smell comes from his body and dress. He roams about in the streets picking up torn papers and clothes, wood and other refuse. He maintains his livelihood by selling those things. Tokais pass their night on the verandahs of shops, pavement of streets or railway platform. If he can save money he goes to the cinema hall to enjoy a film. The tokais figure prominently when the political leaders need to show a large number of supporters. They hire the tokais from the street and give them packet lunch. During strikes, they are hired for picketing. They also join political processions.

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