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Paragraph on Calendar

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Calendar is not a new idea, as people have been using them in their rooms for years. However, the way a learner can use it may be a little different. Before learning how to use a calendar, a learner has to know the name of the month and week.

Similarly, he should learn about the numbers of the language. Most of the words and letters of a calendar are composed in English. It also depends on the language of the nation. All of the days of the week are composed in short form. For example, the short form of Saturday is Sat, similarly, for Sunday Sun, for Monday Mon, etc. So the learner should have the knowledge about the short form of the days. The first date of the month comes at the beginning of the calendar. Again, the first week of the month also comes in the beginning. Gradually, the next days and dates come. Some months have 29 days, some have 30 and some have 31. Again, mostly February month has 28 days except for leaf year.

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