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Paragraph on A Magician

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A magician is a person who is an expert in the art of doing tricks that seems impossible for entertaining people. A magician is a very tricky person. He creates charms and attractions and tries to amuse people. Frankel was a famous magician and learned man. He lived in a small town in Germany and worked there in a laboratory in his house. In it, he made his magic spells. He was a good magician because he only used his magic spells to make bad people good. When they improved, he would take his magic never did any housework. He used his magic spells to make his time easier and more comfortable, He did not want to waste his time on housework. Magic was more important to him. He used his magic spells to make his furniture do the housework. However, when become old, he wanted to look for a suitable student to teach all his magic spells. He found such type of a boy named Hans. He wanted to teach Hans slowly. But Hans was quite impatient. So Frankel taught him a good lesson. In fine, it can be said that Frankel was a good man. In spite of having magical powers, he never misused them.

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