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Essay on Would You Rather Be Given A Motor Car, A Small Lorry/Bus, A Motor-Cycle, Or A Boat?

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Question: Would you rather be given a motor car, a small lorry/bus, a motorcycle, or a boat? Give detailed reasons for your choice, and describe some of the useful and enjoyable things you would do with it.


I would rather be given a motor car.

A motor car would enable me to move around freely. Of course, I would have to spend money on petrol and its upkeep, but if I am careful about where I go and do not abuse the car, I am sure I would not have to spend too much money to maintain it.

Compared to a motor-cycle, a car is far safer to use. The body of the car offers some protection in case of an accident, whereas a motor-cycle does not. It is well known that most fatal road accidents involve motorcyclists. I would rather not put myself in that kind of risk. Also, I would not have to be at the mercy of the weather. I do not have to travel under the hot sun, breathe in foul fumes nor get drenched when it rains. I can travel in the air-conditioned comfort of a car.

A lorry or bus is fine if I am involved in the transportation of goods or people. I am still in school, so a lorry or bus would not be suitable for me. What am I to do with it? I cannot ferry school children to and from school because I am a student myself. I am not involved in the business of transporting goods for people. So I have no need for a bus or lorry.

A boat is only useful in water. I live miles from the sea or any body of water. So a boat is also no use to me.
A motor car is a totally different thing. I can use it to do many things. With it I can, first of all, take my mother to the market to do her shopping. At present, she has to take the bus it is never pleasant with all the heavy bags of things that she has to carry.

Next, I can drive to school in style. My friends would surely envy me. Then I can take them for a drive after school. We can go visit places that we like to visit but did not because of a lack of transport. What are ten kilometres or a hundred kilometres in a car? It is nothing. Of course, I would have to make sure that my friends share in paying for the petrol. Otherwise, it would be too taxing on my pocket.

At other times I can take my parents to visit my grandparents, relatives and friends. At present our family do not have a car, so we have to take the bus or taxi whenever we want to go anywhere. With a car, travelling from place to place will be a breeze. We would not have to wait for buses or taxis anymore. I am sure my grandparents would be happy to see us more often. After all, they live on their own and they do get pretty lonely at times.

Finally, a car would enable my father to stop riding his motor-cycle. He has had his motor-cycle for years now. It has been his most frequently used mode of transport. However, motor-cycle can be dangerous. Once he was knocked down by a car and broke his leg. He was unable to walk for three months. Luckily his boss did not give him the sack for being unable to work for those three months. Even now he walks with a slight limp, his left leg being two inches shorter than the right. With a car, much of the danger faced by motorcyclists would be eliminated.

Those are my reasons for choosing the motor car. Of course, it would be wonderful to have one, but it is only a wish. I still do not have one. Perhaps when I start working I would be able to afford one.

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