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Essay on Soft Drinks

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Soft drinks have become very popular in the present age. Fizzy drinks are known as soft drinks. They have a great appeal, especially to the young generation. Cola and lemonade are more popular as soft drinks.

Television plays an important role in popularizing soft drinks. Television is a remarkable medium of mass communication. Almost every house of the middle-class people has a television set. Soft drinks manufacturing companies us television to make their products known to the common people. They sponsor various television programs like cinema, drama series, game, and sports. The advertisements of their products are shown in exchange for their sponsorship. It is undoubtedly television which has made soft drinks popular through advertisements. Young people are attracted by the exclusive and gorgeous advertisements of soft drinks.

Soft drinks are not beneficial to health. Rather, they have some harmful effects on your body. Soft drinks are often high in sugar. It harms our teeth and skin. Moreover, they are high in fat. Fat makes our body bulky, though soft drinks are popular for their pungent taste. They are less beneficial to our health. Soft drinks contain chemicals which are greatly harmful to our health. Despite all these, soft drinks are becoming popular day by day.

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