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Essay on Shamsur Rahman: A Poet of Independence

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“I will soon be gone, quite alone and quietly, taking none of you long on this aimless journey useless to insist, I must leave you all behind. No, I’ll take nothing at all on this solitary journey…” wrote Shamsur Rahman in this last poem. Shamsur Rahman has gone leaving the whole nation in a deep shock. Shamsur Rahman. Was one of the pioneering figures in the process of reawakening the Bengali nation in the second half of the 20th century. His poems spearheaded largely the bangle nation’s struggle to establish their cultural identity, eventually leading to the emergence of independent Bangladesh.

Shamsur Rahman was born on 23 October 1929 at Mahuttuli in Dhaka. He was the fourth amount thirteen children of late Mokhlesur Rahaman Chowdhury. Rahman studied at Pogos School from where he passed his matriculation in 1945. He passed the intermediate from Dhaka College. He studied English literature at Dhaka University and passed the B.An in 1953. he also received M.A securing second place in second class.

Rahman had a long career as a journalist and was the editor of the national daily, Dainik Bangla, and weekly Bichitra. Rahman started writing poetry after graduating from Dhaka College at the age of 18. Rahman started composing poetry at a time when most people particularly the bangle Muslims were not aware of the development of modern poetry.

With the geographical division of the bangle province in 1947, the bangle literature also got divided. One group was dominated by writers based in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, and another by those in Dhaka. Rahman was the most active in this group and relentless in composing poetry. Probably he is the only successful poet in modern bangle literature who was born and brought up in Dhaka and spent his entire life here. He also loved Dhaka very much. He wrote memories of his childhood in a book titled “Smritir Shahar.”

Rahman won numerous awards including the bangle academy award in 1969, Ekushey Padak in 1977, and the Swadhinata award in 1991. He was also awarded Nasiruddin Swarna Padak and Mitsubishi award.

Shamsur Rahman was admitted to the hospital on August 6 with serious illness and kept at the ICU at BSMMUS. The eminent poet breathed his last at 6:30 pm on 17 August 2006. the death of Rahman one of the most prominent personalities of bangle literature and culture is a great loss to Bangladesh and her people.

Free thoughts, non-communal values, and universal humanity featured his poetic works, which will remain alive in the country’s history for years to come. The works and of all poems of Rahman will always inspire the people of the country to fight against imperialism and fundamentalism. He enriched the bangle literature also.

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