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Essay on SAF Games

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Introduction: With a view to building up regional co-operation among the member countries in different forums, the SAARC has been organized. SAF Games is one of its forums.

What the term `SAF Games’ means: The terms ‘SAF Games’ stands for ‘South Asian Federation Games.”

Its aim: The aim of SAF Games is to create better understanding and co-operation among the atheist of the SAARC countries. Besides, the athletes would be able to understand their position in comparison with an international standard.

Competitions held: The first SAF Games competition was held in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, in 1984 from 17th to 26th September.

The second SAF Games competition was held in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, in 1985 from 20th to 26th December. The third SAF Games was held in Calcutta India in1987 from 20th to 28th Movember.

The fourth was held in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, in 1989 from 20th to 27th October.

The fifth was held in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanks, in 1991 from 22th to 31 the December. The sixth in Dhaka again in 1993 and the seventh in Madras in India in 1995.

The eight and the last SAF Games of the 20th century was held for the second time in Kathmandu in Nepal in 1999 from 25th September to 5th October.

Description: The athletes from seven SAARC countries put their might for the medals – Gold, silver, Bronze on every occasion of SAF Games. India dominates the topmost position in the competition among the member countries. Bangladesh is also doing well. The performance of our athlete’s so quite satisfactory. SAF Games gets off to a colorful start amid a display of physical feats and traditional cultural functions. It is ended in grandeur too. There are various events like swimming, football, Races, Wrestling, etc. In the competition.

Bangladesh’s success in the 8th GAG Games: Bangladesh football team fulfilled the dream of a gold medal by a solitary goal in the final of the 8th SAF Games football competition. It was the long cherished football gold which eluded the nation for the last fifteen years. Bangladesh won a gold medal in shooting competition also. Besides, Bangladesh secured a number of silver and bronze medals in the 20th century’s last SAF Games.

Conclusion: Infine, it can be said that in order to bring the seven South Asian countries closer. The importance of SAF Games is great. It helps to create unity among the people of the member countries. So we hope that SAF Games will goes a long way to fulfill its noble and prestigious aim.

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