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Essay on Hill Tracts Peace Agreement

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Introduction: Soon after the reign of British, the difficulties of Chittagong Hill Tracts began to increase gradually. It became more complexity after 1971. And from then this problem is considered as a severe national problem for us. So, the necessity of a rapid solution is realized and some necessary steps have been adopted to solve this problem. At last the expected historic peace agreement is signed on 2nd December 1997. And it’s a memorable and historic day in our life. Peace Conference and Peace

Agreement: After ascending the power in 1996. Awami League formed a national committee of eleven members nominating Chief whip Abul Hasnat Abdullah, the Chairperson to remove the discomfort of Chittagong Hill Tracts. The members of this committee started to discuss with the leaders of Janasanhati Samity led by Santu Larma. Janasanhati Samity continued their discussion by throwing their five installment conditions.

Santibahini’s surrender and rehabilitation: In accordance with the preconditions the members of Santibahini surrendered to the government supporting their arms. In an inaugurated ceremony, the so-called Santibahini, led by Santru Larma surrendered to the premier. And this happened at Khagrachhori Stadium on 10th February, 98. Really it’s a historic moment for this proud nation. This historic moment of peace will sustain many days in the soft heart of the people of Bangladesh.

Conclusion: Now the hill is free from all peacelessness, discomfort, anxiety. The people of this area are living in peace. But our next main duty is to utilize the vast wealth properly for the greater benefit of the people of Bangladesh. May peace be permanent m the hill.

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