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Short Composition on Photography or Filming

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Introduction: photography is the art, process, or job of taking photographs or filming something. Photographs capture the special moment of life. At present photography has become one of the most popular pastimes amount the people of the world. It will be very difficult to find out a single person who is not captured through the less.

History: in 1830, English scientists William Henry Fox Talbot first introduced the light-sensitive paper. Now this pager is used as negatives for a picture. But in 1826 Joseph Nicephore Niepce, a French inventor took the first photograph.

Kinds: generally cameras are of two types; fixed lens camera and automatic camera. The invention of automatic cameras has turned photography into almost a child’s play.

Use of photography: nowadays cameras are being hugely used by people from almost all classes. Almost everybody knows how to use a camera. But professional photographers become experts in deciding what is the right angle and distance to take perfect photographs. In the age of technology and globalization, nothing is possible without a camera. To identify a person, a photograph is a must. Even in almost every aspect of our day to day life photographs are a must.

As an art: photography is undoubtedly an art. Many photographers are still alive after their death because of their captured immortal photographs some of them capture a lot of true events or scenarios through the lens. Some of them arrange a photography exhibition. In this way, the culture, history, people, and beautiful places of our country are circulated across the world in the forms of photographs.

Conclusion: from the discussion made above, it can be safely concluded that as a pastime or as professionally photography stands supreme and it is gradually developing into very sophisticated art.

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