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Application for Increasing Library Facilities

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Question: suppose, you are Ruman/Ruma, a student of X high school, Dhaka. You are facing some problems in your school especially the inadequacy of books essential for preparing notes. Now, write an application to the headmaster of your school praying for enhancing library facilities.

15 February 2014
The Headmaster
X high school, Dhaka.

Subject: prayer for enhancing library facilities.

This is to draw your attention to the fact that the library facilities in your school are not sufficient. The small number of books by ancient writes in the library, accommodation, and library hours etc. cannot serve the student well. For the greatest benefit of the students, more books in the library are required. Again, accommodation inside the library and library hours need to be increased. Your kind consideration and co-operation in this respect will help us to make good results.

I, therefore, hope and pray that you would take necessary steps for enhancing library facilities and oblige us thereby.

Sincerely yours,
Class: 10, Roll No: 1
On behalf of the students

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