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Letter to Your Cousin in English Expressing Your Reactions to The Article on German Citizenship

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Question: Imagine you have an uncle living in Germany with his son, who is sixteen years old. He can speak Bengali but cannot read it. He is also a Bangladeshi citizen by birthright. You are very friendly with your cousin. Now write a letter to him in English expressing your reactions to the article on German citizenship and what you think he should do.

2 June 2001
Dhanmondi. Dhaka.

Dear X.
It is a long since I heard from you. Your silence pains me much. It will be a pleasure for me if you write to me from time to time. Anyhow, a couple of days back an article on German citizenship has drawn my attention. Since then I was thinking about it seriously and I was eager to share my views about it with somebody. As you have been living in Germany, you might have an idea about the process of acquiring citizenship in Germany. All the children born in Germany to non-German parents are not German citizens. The children of non-German parents will receive German citizenship in Germany if the father or mother has been legally resident in Germany for eight years. The rest will have to apply for citizenship when they will reach 18. Moreover, for acquiring citizenship a non-German will have to fulfill certain criteria which. I think, have made the matter complex. It will perhaps create much more problems for our Bangladeshi people who are living in Germany. In contrast to Germany, the citizenship system in our country is easier. No compulsory military service is essential to become a citizen as in Germany. I have come to know from the article that this situation has been changed on January 1. 2000. What is your position? Are you still in the former position or will you have to go through the new system for acquiring citizenship?

I shall be highly pleased if you inform me of the matter. I am well. Please convey my best wishes to your wife and children.

Yours ever,

Mr. Robin