Write About Some of The Ways Which Acts of Theft and Robbery Are Organized and Carried Cut in Your Country, And Say What Can Be Done to Guard Against Such Acts

First and foremost, the home is a potential target of thieves and robbers. Often we hear about unattended houses that are broken into and ransacked, it would appear that these thieves go around looking for such opportunities. So it is not wise to leave your house empty over many days. It is better to have someone stay in it while you are away.

In big places like Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, robbers may be bolder. There had been cases where armed robbers boldly walked into a house and robbed the people inside it. They were able to do so because the occupants had been negligent about safety. They had left the front gate unlocked, an open invitation to be robbed. Thus it is better to always lock the gate and doors. It takes only a few seconds to lock or unlock doors. This little bit of inconvenience is far better than having to put up with robbers who will not hesitate to shoot you if necessary.

When in public places, especially crowded ones, it is always a good idea not to carry too much cash. Firstly pick-pockets are more adept than you think So do keep your cash where it is difficult for someone to lift it. The trousers’ front pocket is far better than • the back pocket for keeping valuables. Also if you are carrying a bag, always keep an eye on it Leaving it unattended is just too inviting for the many crooks that are around.

There are opportunistic robbers, that is, robbers who rob only when there is an opportunity. They lie in wait in back lanes or deserted places. To avoid meeting such undesirable people, it is best to keep away from back lanes and deserted places. it is better to take a safe longer way than to take a dangerous shortcut and find yourself in trouble with a robber. This is especially true at night when the streets are dark and filled with all sorts of perverts and crooks. Better still stay home at night if there is no reason to go out.

Finally if despite taking all the precautions, you find yourself face to face with a robber or robbers, it is better to lose your money than your life. Usually, a robber who is armed with a gun has no qualms about the shooting. anyone who would resist him. The fact that he has a gun means that you cannot argue with him. You can make back the money you lose. If you lose your life, that is it. Which do you want, your money or your life? Remember without money you still have life, but without life, money is of no use.

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