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Essay on Danger at Sea, In the Air, Or Underground – Which Do You Find Most Frightening?

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Of the three different forms of danger, I find that danger underground is the most frightening. I shall attempt to explain why.

At sea, storms and rough seas are dangerous to surface vessels. However modern ships are so huge and well-made that the dangers are minimal. Furthermore, with improved communications and accurate weather forecasting, dangers can be avoided. Only if one happens to be caught in a hurricane out at sea in a small boat, then the dangers become very real indeed. One could lose one’s life. On the other hand, there is still a chance for survival by swimming. There are many recorded cases where people have swum to safety when their boats sank or kept themselves afloat until help came.

Unless one cannot swim or has the misfortune of having one’s boat sunk in a shark-infested area, the chances of surviving are still present. There is still hope.

The only way we can fly in the air is in an aeroplane, or in recent times, in a glider or a helicopter.

The dangers of travelling in an aeroplane are also minimal. Statistics show that it is actually more danger bus to travel in a car. The number of deaths caused by highway accidents far outweighs the number caused by aeroplane crashes. Furthermore, aeroplanes are made to perform well and the pilots are also well-trained. In the case of an emergency, there is still time between the onset of the problem and the possible crash to do something to avert disaster. Many a brave pilot have saved, his passengers through skill and determination in times of emergency.

When it comes to danger underground, that is something that frightens me the most. I have no fear in water or in the air, but the very thought of stepping into a dark gloomy cave is enough to give me goose-bumps.

I visited the Batu Caves once, and that was more than enough for me. Being in a cave gives me claustrophobia. I feel hemmed in, stifled and totally devoid at alternatives should the earth collapse top of me.

In mining accidents, many lives had been bat through. cave-ins and landslips. These unfortunate events are quick and absolute. The victims have practically no chance of surviving. Can you imagine how a victim feels when he sees tons of mud and earth falling onto him and pinning him down so completely that he cannot even move? The few seconds or few minutes that he is conscious of being buried alive must be the most frightening thing of all. What goes on in his mind when he realizes he is sure to die? I dare not even imagine.

I would take on pirates in the high seas, or do the most dangerous sky-diving stunts but you would never catch me exploring a cave, or digging for gold in a dark ominous mine. At sea or in the air I still have some fighting chance if ever danger threatens Underground, the dangers are too overwhelming. do not like the position where I have no chance at all. It is not my desire to die without being to do anything about it.

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