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Essay on The Present Day Fashion

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In recent times, fashion has acquired new dimensions. The spawning satellite channels have opened the floodgates for a cultural invasion and fashion is holding the center stage at the moment.

Fashion is synonymous with rapid changes. Fashion has taken a dangerous dip into the realms of vulgarity and lasciviousness. One is not considered `hip and happening’ if he or she doesn’t sport the in-thing like boot cuts, bell bottoms, tight fits, parallels, tank tops, and low cuts. The industry has become lucrative for a lot of youngsters and models. But the emphasis on carnal beauty is affecting moral and ethical values.

The clothes that men wear and even their shoes and wrist-watches keep changing with every passing day. But the changing fashion in the men’s world is more to do with the utility in day-to-day life. But that is not so with the women’s world of fashion. The fashion in their world is more to do with attracting others than the utility. If the skin is God’s gift then beauty is only skin deep. Overexposure is nauseating at times. Women do not realize that beauty comes with good health, body condition, behavior, and etiquette and not with style and over-exposure. Women clad in threadbare dresses portray a harmful image on society especially leading the male youth astray.

Some people take the concepts of women empowerment and gender equality in the wrong route of scantily clad fashion shows. Fashion nowadays has exceeded cultural limits. Over-exposure is the latest trend in fashion, and that is a gross social violation. The skin is God’s gift that goes to the dust with us, whereas character is talked of even after death. So that is more important. Girls should be cautious while dressing, as provocative dressing could land them in trouble. Wearing dangerously low-cut tight jeans would certainly call for a few superlatives like ‘wow’ and ‘sexy’, but that is not what our culture prescribes. Dignity should not be compromised at any cost. Fashion has succumbed to many unwarranted changes lately. In the pretext of bringing new impetus to the lives of the youth, the fashion industry is promoting indecency. The penchant to be the offbeat guy or gal is making them mere imitators of their screen heroes and heroines. The new-age fashion has overtaken decency and civilized styles.

People perceive how they find us and we Indians are known for the strong culture that we inherit. The young generation, of late, is lured by the burst of fashion shows and video albums in the electronic media. It’s better to spend the same time doing something useful like studies. To look good or to get noticed one need not wear exposing costumes. To arrive at Vision 2020 of a developed nation, the younger generation should concentrate on creative and constructive ideas and not on such fashions that will take us nowhere.

The younger generation likes to associate itself with the American culture more than the rich culture that they have inherited. They tend to forget that our culture is not only the oldest but also more evolved than any other culture in the world. Fashion is an integral part of human civilization. To look and feel fresh and to get rid of the monotonous life, it is essential for both the young and old alike to bring some change in their dressing pattern. There is an old saying ‘every odd is fashion’, i.e., what is different from the rest and unfamiliar to the eyes is fashion.

The so-called designers are churning out outfits that are bizarre by the very look but still they carry a tag of creativity. The glitt6r of the ramp and modeling world is luring our young generation. They argue that wearing trendy and scanty outfits aping the Westerners is modernity. If we are really moving into a modern age then why are women being harassed in the name of dowry and other things? This only strengthens the fact that we are changing physically and not mentally. One should realize that mental change is more important for the development of the nation. The ride on two cultures is leading us to a chaotic situation. The only way out is by imbibing the good features of modernity while sticking to our own culture and tradition.

The growth of fashion consciousness is both a boon and a bane. On the positive side, it has led to the flourishing of the fashion industry. The developments in fashion technology have led to the starting of new courses of study, which has led to a consequent rise in employment potential.

However, the ultra-modern outfits, such as figure-hugging tights and low-cut trousers, which stress more on exposing the female anatomy, have become a bane. Women wearing such skimpy outfits tend to provoke men. Is it necessary for women to take such risks in the name of fashion?

Someone said that “beauty belongs to the soul but not to the body”. But the fashion world believes in just the opposite. The fallout of this is that youngsters believe that”only beauty has the right to exist on the earth; to demand dignity and to possess self-confidence”. This apart some persons are over-dieting and over-exercising and falling prey to various health problems.

The skin-fit and short outfits not only provoke undesirable thoughts in the opposite sexes but may also drag them into the vicious circle of committing mistakes. One should remember Gandhiji’s words of wisdom, “Youth is a priceless possession which should not be squandered away in a moment of excitement and miscalled pleasure.” Fashion is the reflection of one’s taste and ideologies. It should be explored with certain moral ‘lines of control’. After all ‘simple living and high thinking is the principle that we Indians are known for.

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