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Essay on Leadership. Write A Story in Which A Boy or Girl Was Chosen to Lead A Group

Kim Teck was shocked, utterly shocked. There he was, standing in the midst of some thirty or more Boy Scouts and the Troop Leader had just appointed him a patrol leader. He could not believe his ears. He had hardly six months experience as a Boy Scout, and he was made a patrol leader of boys the same age as he.

Kim Teck protested saying that he was not qualified for the role, but the Troop Leader and the Scoutmaster voiced their confidence. Finally, Kim Teck had to accept the appointment, although he doubted his ability.

Soon Kim Teck had seven boys under his command. He chose Arul as his assistant. The other members of his patrol were all from the same form in school, and some of them were his classmates. They were friends and no one gave anyone orders. Now as the patrol leader, Kim Teck had to give orders to his friends. It was not something he relished, but it was inevitable.

So began a new phase in Kim Teck’s life. In subsequent scout meetings and camps, he learned what it was like to be a leader. There were times when he had to make difficult decisions and give unpleasant orders to his charges, but he managed to do them with the minimum of fuss.

Once, at a weekend camp, Arshad, a member of his patrol, accidentally stepped into a hole and broke his ankle. At that time, he was looking for firewood. outside the camping area with Meng Lee. Arshad could not walk and Meng Lee had to rush back to camp to inform Kim Teck.

Kim Teck and the rest of the patrol hurried to where Arshad lay beside a tree. Arshad was in considerable pain. Working quickly Kim Teak put a splint onto Arshad’s ankle to immobilise it. He gave orders to the others to make a stretcher. The. scout training they had had was really useful.

Soon they had Arshad comfortably on the stretcher and headed towards camp.

When they reached camp, they informed the Scoutmaster who then called an ambulance from his handphone. Before long Arshad was on his way to the hospital.

The Scoutmaster praised Kim Teck and his Lion Patrol for handling the emergency well. What they had done was really commendable.

Six weeks later, Arshad returned to active duty. Everyone was pleased to see him well again. Kim Teck, for one, was glad that he played his part competently. He had learned something about the responsibility of being a leader.