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Essay on Atomic Age

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[Hints: Atomic explosion on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 Pioneers of its invention; Destructive power of atom bomb Atom for peaceful use; Conclusion.]

The atomic explosion ends Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945: Th atomic age began with the dropping of atom bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The Second World War started in 1939. It was going on full swing. The day dawned of Hiroshima on the 5th August 1945. It was a bright, sunny day the inhabitants of the town were out on their usual work. A number of enemy planes were seen in the sky. the siren was heard. People ran to the shelters. Suddenly a terrific explosion was heard. The atmosphere became extremely hot. It seemed that hundreds of suns had risen in the sky. Within a few seconds the entire city was reduced to ashes with all its buildings and population, When the people of the world heard of it, they were surprised. Another atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki and destroyed it completely. At last, Japan was compelled to surrender.

Pioneers of its invention: It is said that a German scientist named Auto Hann is the inventor of the atom bomb. But scientists were trying to unveil the mystery of atomic power from the beginning of the twentieth century. Of them Rutherford, Einstein, Tomson, Neils Bohr, Astor Grossman are remarkable.

The destructive power of the atom bomb: The power of destruction of the atom bomb is really beyond the human conception. It can wipe out mankind and the civilization within a few seconds. This is why peace-loving people from different parts of the world raised their voice of protest against it.

Atom for peaceful use: Scientists have realized that the atomic power can do immense good to humanity in peacetime. Modern scientists have discovered new sources of power from the atom. They have learned to split the atom to produce plenty of energy. Thus it can be utilized for the benefit of mankind. It can increase the production in agriculture and the speed of trains, ships, and airplanes. It can be successfully utilized for the development of medicine, industry and another sphere of life.

Conclusion: Atomic energy itself does not cause any evil. But it is the evil in man which puts atomic energy to the wrong use. It can be successfully utilized for the development of our agriculture, industry, medicine and other spheres of life.

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